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Puppy Bath Massage Gloves

Puppy Bath Massage Gloves

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Say hello to TikToksMadeMeBuyIt's Puppy Bath Massage Gloves – the ultimate grooming solution for your furry friend! 🐾

Delightful Bath Time Experience: Treat your pup to the joys of bath time and a soothing massage. Our gloves create a rich lather, cleansing while promoting relaxation.

Gentle Silicone Bristles: Effortlessly remove dirt and loose fur, leaving your pet's coat soft and shiny. Goodbye tangles, hello healthier coat!

Ergonomic Design: Crafted for comfort, ensuring a secure grip for easy grooming.

Bonding Experience: Turn grooming into bonding time. Strengthen the bond with your pet as they enjoy the massage-like sensation.


  • Type: Dogs
  • Size: 8.5x7.9x5.5cm
  • Material: High-quality, durable material
  • Brand Name: TikToksMadeMeBuyIt

Elevate your pup's grooming routine with TikToksMadeMeBuyIt's Puppy Bath Massage Gloves. Order now for a spa-like experience at home! 🛁🐶

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